Hunting methods

Individual hunting

During the individual hunt the guest hunter must be guided by a Romanian local guide. During an outing can be harvested one or more pieces bellowing to one or more species.  

1) Stalking

Stalking is a hunting method of moving slowly through woods and pastures or along trails, hillsides, and mountain slopes. This method require patience and is usually most effective from the downwind side. The animal must be completely relaxed and unaware of the hunter’s presence.In Romania this method of hunting is applied to red deer, roe deer, fallow deer, chamois, cappercaille and sometimes boars and bears can be shot .  

2) Shooting from high-seat

As with stalking large game demands patience, acute observation and absolute silence.  Originating in Germany, this practice is inspired  by the ruses used by some animals of prey in their natural surroundings to find food . Over and above the pleasure it gives the hunter, it has the double advantage of providing a selective shot. This method is applied specially to wild boars , bears , red deer , fallow deer and roe deer. Our high-seat are closed or open and depend from one area to other. In some cases we have luxury high-seats comfortable for winter time hunts. This type of hunt can be done as well  by sitting and waiting near a tree or bush mainly in a place where was identified the desired game. 


Collective hunting for small and big game:

1)Driven hunt : 

Driven hunting is without a doubt one of the most action-packed hunting types, and many hunters are addicted to experiencing a lot of game, the fast shooting, and the sound of the barking dogs, revealing that game is on its way toward the stand. It is a hunting method that many hunters enjoy with their friends, in groups ranging from just a few individuals to more than 10 shooters, according to the area being hunted and the size of the organization.Traditional driven hunts are made for species such as wild boars , hares and pheasants. In this type of hunts are involved a large number people and their dogs pushing the game straight to the line of guns.

2)Rough shooting

For this method are used trained dogs to flush game out of the hedgerows, woods or other cover as the hunters walk along. These dogs also retrieve the shot game and the shooter despatch it quickly and humanely if needed. Virtually the following species can be walked-up : pheasant ,hares , quails , partridges and sometimes predators such as foxes are shot.