Wild boar high-seat hunting -Hunting report #46

Eurasian boar (Sus scrofa attila), found in Romania, Hungary, Ukraine and across the Balkans and Caucasus, are the second major sub-species; Boar likes deciduous and mixed woodland, often with a mix of fields, meadows, marshes or moorland nearby. In the Carpathians, wild boar can occupy alpine zones in excess of 2,500 meters. Generally, wild boar are active at night and most easily located by sight at dawn or dusk. It is not unusual to observe them awake at rest or feeding within a confined range during daylight, and diurnal activity is often dictated by the extent of human activity.
In rare cases a large Carpathian boar can weight 250 kg and be more than 110 cm at the shoulder. At these sizes, either strain will be immune from wolf ‘s attacks. Before confronting rivals during the rut – when they bite each other, often targeting the genitalia – keiler (male) develop 2 cm-4 cm of subcutaneous tissue over the shoulder plate.

Best time to hunt : Winter time when the soil is covered by snow.

Period : 16-20th of December 

Size of the trophy – 22.5 cm , 7-8 years old boar

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